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Distributed Bike Park+Share Systems

It has been some time since my last blog entry. Having sort of hit some shifting sands, in the course of my work on the high-density bike park+share system that will safely stack and store up to 400 bikes, in the form of lack of financial wherewithal, I have looked at a solution for a small distributed bike park+share system that would have a floor area of 12 sqm.

Staying true to the concept of a combined bike park+share, the automated system would store around 10 bikes with controlled access. The solution is reliable, tested, flexible, overground, easily accessible and whose investment, calculations show, can be amortized in less than 4 years. In certain constellations with additional facilities and income sources the investment can be amortized well within 2 years. The need for additional services has been reflected in online surveys conducted in Switzerland and worldwide.

Market research shows no comparable solution is available today, so this could well be a problem solver that finds a market.


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Switzerland Online Survey Results

An online survey that was conducted in Switzerland came up with some interesting results. One can conclude that bike users want a quick, safe, secure and flexible bike parking solution and are willing to pay a fee. Going by the investment of a bike the monthly fee must lie below 1% of the price of a new bike.

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City Planning & Bike Parking

Tram and bike parking

Photo: cosimo.chiffi; creative commons license;

City planning authorities have been making attempts to provide bike paths and/or lanes in many cities. However, there appears to be no school of thought that factors in the need and paucity of bike parking facilities in the mobility chain. Hop on, hop off literally!
I have often heard about the flexibility of bikes enabling one to park the bike literally at the doorstep or at a lamppost. This solution works in some situations, but does not address the problems associated with this form of parking. Invariably, city planning authorities seem to address the paucity of bike parking space at railway stations. But this approach does not seem to concede that a bicyclist may not just want to park a bike at the railway station, but perhaps elsewhere in the city. Say at a shopping complex or at an office building. Car parking bays and lots seem to be automatically included in the planning process, but bikes have at times, as an afterthought, been given racks that are set up as an apology for a pressing need for safe and secure parking facilities.
Yes we do know, we would like to be as close as possible to where we are going, just as a motorist would like to do so with the car. But is that a long-lasting solution, with which a electric bike owner would be satisfied with?


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Bike Parking Survey

Bikes prohibited

Please check the following survey on your bike parking preferences/ choices

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Bike Parking

Blue bike

When cars were first a plenty and parking space was limited, we provided for extra parking space in the open or in buildings. It was the luxury of having those four wheels tucked away safe and secure. And what do bicyclists find? Something that is an apology for secure parking. Bicyclists the world over have to cope with quite a few hurdles, some of them life threatening, but the final hurdle of securely parking the bike is sheer insurmountable. So what gives? Solutions are a plenty with bike racks and lockers of various hues, many of them are practical and quite useful. The bike however, just like the bicyclist, cannot be parked in the open and requires a shelter, especially over a longer period of time. A shelter from the elements and nasty elements, with the former just playing elementary nature whims and the latter hell bent on either creating painful damage or playing Houdini with one’s alter ego. Has our ingenuity for finding solutions reached a dead end or have we just not set our priorities right? Or even worse, a solution that no one is willing to pay for. Car parking is not free any more, at least not in metropolitan cities. Is the biking community willing to pay for parking, just as they are for their super duper carbon fibre, makes you tea or coffee multiple-gear contraptions that keep them healthy and are balm to the environment?

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