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Distributed Bike Park+Share Systems

It has been some time since my last blog entry. Having sort of hit some shifting sands, in the course of my work on the high-density bike park+share system that will safely stack and store up to 400 bikes, in the form of lack of financial wherewithal, I have looked at a solution for a small distributed bike park+share system that would have a floor area of 12 sqm.

Staying true to the concept of a combined bike park+share, the automated system would store around 10 bikes with controlled access. The solution is reliable, tested, flexible, overground, easily accessible and whose investment, calculations show, can be amortized in less than 4 years. In certain constellations with additional facilities and income sources the investment can be amortized well within 2 years. The need for additional services has been reflected in online surveys conducted in Switzerland and worldwide.

Market research shows no comparable solution is available today, so this could well be a problem solver that finds a market.


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Theft Protection

Cars nowadays have GPS be it for navigation or as an anti-theft device. They can be programmed to lock up the vehicle remotely. Heard of thieves who have found the car seize up right on the road? No science fiction involved, as all that it involves is a programmed interface that will prevent the car being used beyond a certain geographical area.

Bikes, the human or perhaps battery-aided device, have an extremely vulnerable set up that makes them difficult to protect. Short of putting them in a closed space or locking up the whole bike, including all parts, with multiple chains and padlocks, they are generally prone to be stolen.

Passive RFID chips today have the ability to be used as part of an anti-theft set up. With fractal antennae and and external readers, they can be part of a surveillance system that can provide a fair level of security. Not that this frees one from taking elementary steps to prevent theft, such as locking up the bike securely, or even using a bike station.

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