Project Idea

11 Nov

Bike towel drying method

Here’s a little more information about the idea and project:
Driven by the experience and the risk of losing and/or having a damaged bike, besides the added risk of a wet saddle and rusting. I came up with a solution that would cater to those who are already bikers or may want to become one. Offering seamless inter-modal transport enabling one to switch modes with some flexibility.

    1 – You’ve registered and got ID for your bike and yourself.
    2 – You’re taking a trip that involves bike > subway/train > bike
    3 – You decide to use your own bike for the first leg and reserve a bike for the last leg.
    4 – You bring your bike to the facility; Carry on with your journey
    Pickup the reserved bike and go on to the final destination

There are quite a few bike sharing solutions out there, but very few offer the combination of using one’s own or renting a bike. Many bikers appear to want such a combination.

You are never too young or too old to ride a bike. Keep moving, keep healthy.

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Posted by on November 11, 2009 in Environment, Mobility, Transport


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